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Pat Rogers: 4000 Round Side by Side (EWL vs CLP)
We needed to apply lubricant to the CLP gun at approximately 400 rds. At 2000 rds we reapplied lube to both guns. As we approached 4000 rds, the Slip 2000 EWL gun was still running and the CLP gun was starting to get sluggish.
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EWL vs CLP: Greg Sullivan Comments
Greg Sullivan personally built the SLR15 Rifles for this study. See what he has to say about the test and the products.
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Pat Rogers: Colt Shoots 15,000+ rounds
The Colt 6940 now has 15,000+ rds downrange and has never been cleaned. It has only been lubed with Slip 2000 EWL.
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1/69 Infantry
Thanks to the SLIP products and regular maintenance we have not experienced a weapons malfunction. This is a pretty harsh environment with the heat and dust/dirt, but your products are doing the job.
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Pat Rogers: 8000 Rounds
I've been using the EWL since it came out two years ago. I haven't seen anything to change my mind.
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World Records
Breaking 500 NSCA 5-Stand targets in 30 minutes and 31 seconds is a lot of shooting and with Slip 2000 I did not have one malfunction.

I have set four world records for shooting clay targets and I count on Slip 2000 for unsurpassed performance.

Scott Hutchinson

world records
500 NSCA 5-Stand targets in 30 minutes and 32 seconds
27 NSCA 5-Stand targets in 60 seconds
500 NSSA Skeet targets in 42 minutes with a 28 gauge
22 NSSA Skeet targets in 60 seconds with a 28 gauge

Arizona Outdoorsman
WOW! This product was put to the test by not cleaning my son's Beretta AL390 for a couple thousand rounds. Just fifteen minutes of soaking, remove the gas piston from the jar, a slight brushing, and it was like new again. If you have to clean your or your son's gun, buy this stuff. It makes it easy.

By Gary McCraw
AZOD Shooting Section Leader

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