RIFLE SHOOTER – Tactical Gun Lubricant

Today’s shooters have myriad cleaning products available to them, and new ones seem to appear daily. Some, such as Slip 2000™ , have been adapted from other industrial uses that share common cleaning and lubrication needs with firearms.

Slip 2000™ is a nontoxic, nonhazardous, biodegradable (that also means there are no restrictions on how it can be shipped) lubricant that is made without petroleum, silicon or PTFE ingredients. Slip 2000™ lubricates, cleans, displaces moisture and prevents salt-water corrosion by forming a barrier on steel that helps keep lead, copper, carbon and plastic wad fouling from sticking. The lubricant works from -110 degrees F to 1,250 degrees F. Unlike petroleum lubricants, Slip 2000™ doesn’t become tacky or harden and doesn’t attract dust or dirt.

Slip 2000™ Gas Piston Parts and Choke Tube Cleaner is a citrus, water-based product that dissolves carbon deposits that build up on gas pistons and cylinders. The 725 Degreaser is also a water-based product that will quickly strip old carbon, grease and oil (such as cosmoline) and will not harm metal, bluing, wood or plastic. All three products were quite favorably received at this year’s Camp Perry match by shooters of all disciplines. AR shooters found that carbon buildup in the receiver was quickly removed and, once cleaned and treated with Slip 2000™ , was even more easily cleaned. The Civilian Marksmanship Program people were using the degreaser to remove cosmoline from long-stored 1903s and M1 Garands, too. Revolver shooters liked the way the Gas Piston cleaner removed carbon burn rings on the face of their revolver’s cylinder. A follow-up with SLIP 2000 Lubricant is necessary for final metal protection after the use of 725 or the gas piston cleaner.

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