Looking back: Slip 2000 visits the Texas Firearms Festival


We here at Slip 2000 took a trip out to Liberty Hill Texas recently to visit the Texas Firearms Festival. It was an amazing “try before you buy” event that a multitude of firearms manufacturers, and it was a blast.

The first day was “Full Auto Friday” which as the name implies, had all of the manufacturers showcasing their automatic weapons.img_0160 It was great to see so many big name companies coming together to let people shoot their guns, although the weather was not exactly hospitable. It was hot, windy, and dusty, a combination that gets guns clogged up easily. Add on top of that each weapon firing thousands of rounds in a day, and it’s a recipe for frequent jamming.

img_0250 Some of the weapons didn’t even manage to finish the first day. So we set about handing out free samples to the manufacturers.


                Our product doesn’t attract dirt, dust, or sand, and it has an extremely high burn temperature, (1250 degrees) which made it the ideal candidate for such an environment. When we came back for the second day, there were a lot more guests, so as you would assume the guns at the show were getting even more rounds down range than the day before. A few companies were either already using our products, or had switched over in the night, and what a difference it made. Everyone who used our EWL noticed immediately that their guns were functioning better.


By the third day the majority of the manufacturers who took our free samples had made the switch. With many guns getting over five thousand rounds put through them before they even had a chance to clean them, our EWL shined. Even guns that they thought were out of the show, were brought back better than before. This pistol from the Schoolastic Action Shooting Program was a great example.


It was clogged with sand and grit, which was causing feed malfunctions. With just a rag and some EWL we cleaned it up and sent it right back to shooting, even better than before!


But EWL wasn’t the only product that was getting people’s attention.


Taurus was showcasing their revolvers, which if you are a fan of wheel-guns then you know, a thousand rounds bakes on carbon so hard that it’s a pain scrubbing it off. Black carbon rings marred the front of the cylinder, and this Judge hard to load.img_0455img_0456img_0320

The person that had to clean it wasn’t too thrilled with all of the fumes his solvents were exposing him to. Well lucky for him, we gave them a bottle of our Carbon Killer. A fifteen minute soak and some light brushing was all it took to get this gun back into its groove.


All said and done, it was a wonderful event that had many people, including ourselves, happy to have participated. And we’re glad we got the chance to help.

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