National Champion Competition Shooter Anthony Spinelli’s Loves Slip 2000

National champion competition shooter Anthony Spinelli loves Slip 2000!19594_10153247390362422_8379073598219980566_n

As a competitive shooter, my guns see some pretty high round counts, and take a lot of abuse. It’s not uncommon for my guns to reach 5,000 rounds between cleanings on a regular basis. When looking for a gun oil, I need a lubricant that isn’t going to burn off and dry up after a few hundred rounds.


I Use Slip2000’s EWL on all of my guns to keep them slick and protected, and to make cleaning easier on the rare occasion that I actually clean my guns… When cleaned and lubed with EWL, future cleanings are a breeze. Most parts will wipe clean with a paper towel!


The temperature range on EWL is incredible, -110F to 1250F! Living in the northeast, practicing in the winter can mean shooting in the single digits. In temperatures where a number of popular lubricants would gel up or even freeze, EWL maintains the same consistency as it would on a warm summer day.11659424_10153433606832422_1872225809199316745_n 13118966_10154170376102422_2707554746878180683_n

On the upper end of the spectrum, high round count practices can heat my gun up so much so that other lubricants will smoke and burn off. This leaves your gun hot, dry, and unprotected. This is a recipe for malfunctions and increased wear on your gun. Even after multiple range sessions totaling over a few thousand rounds, EWL continues to keep my guns lubed and protected.


I’ve tried and tested dozens of lubricants over the years, and I have not found any that come close to the Slip2000 line.


Anthony Spinelli

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