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H.R. 127 – What You Need To Know.

H.R. 127 is a gun control mega-bill. The title of the bill is “To provide for the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession and the registration of firearms, and to prohibit the possession of certain ammunition.” The bill aims to … Continue reading

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After 6000 rounds I cleaned my gun with a paper towel.

The week before the 2018 World Speed Shooting Championships I put 6000 rounds through my pistol without any issues. I shot 1000 rounds a day and simply added a little EWL to my gun at the end of each day. … Continue reading

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National Champion Competition Shooter Anthony Spinelli’s Loves Slip 2000

National champion competition shooter Anthony Spinelli loves Slip 2000! As a competitive shooter, my guns see some pretty high round counts, and take a lot of abuse. It’s not uncommon for my guns to reach 5,000 rounds between cleanings on … Continue reading

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G&G Guns tested Slip 2000 products, here’s what they thought.

Slip 2000 Cleaning Products We were sent a collection of Slip2000 cleaning products about a month or so ago, including; EWL (Extreme weapons lubricant) and the Extreme Weapons Degreaser. Over the course of the next few weeks, we tested the … Continue reading

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M240B gets put through its paces!

A M.Sgt shared this story with us, and we are glad to share it with you. Sirs, Recently, while conducting an M240B class and course of fire, I had a chance to give SLIP EWL a good workout. It is … Continue reading

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David B. Smith from Precision-Engineered Performance

Greg, I just wanted to take a moment to relate my absolute satisfaction with all of the Slip2000 products I have had the pleasure of trying to date. Your Carbon Killer has taken the drudgery out of cleaning all of … Continue reading

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Independence Training Uses Slip 2000

We train no matter what the weather conditions are, and at one particularly snowy handgun course the hazards of poor maintenance became apparent to some of our students. The temps had dropped below freezing and some of the liquid lubes … Continue reading

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Colt 6940 with 15,000+ Rounds

The Colt 6940 now has 15,000+ rds downrange, and the only issue so far surfaced here on T1 when an over enthusiastic “PUSH” resulted in a PMAG over traveling the mag catch. This gun has not been cleaned, and has … Continue reading

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1/69 Infantry Thanks SLIP 2000

Just wanted to send a quick update. Our rotation is coming to an end. Thanks to the SLIP products and regular maintenance we have not experienced a weapons malfunction. We really appreciate your help and support. Attached is a photo … Continue reading

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EWL vs CLP Testing – Greg Sullivan Comments

To help add to this lubrication test, I personally built the SLR15 Rifles for this study and they were built not within our norm, as I built the rifles totally lubricant free and there was no break in or stress … Continue reading

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