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After 6000 rounds I cleaned my gun with a paper towel.

The week before the 2018 World Speed Shooting Championships I put 6000 rounds through my pistol without any issues. I shot 1000 rounds a day and simply added a little EWL to my gun at the end of each day. … Continue reading

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Shotgun Blast From the Past: Cleaning an Ithaca Model 37 with 725 cleaner

The Ithaca Model 37 was one of the most popular pump action shotguns in the United States for a long time. And as a result the gun has a lot of history behind it. The longest production run of any … Continue reading

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G&G Guns tested Slip 2000 products, here’s what they thought.

Slip 2000 Cleaning Products We were sent a collection of Slip2000 cleaning products about a month or so ago, including; EWL (Extreme weapons lubricant) and the Extreme Weapons Degreaser. Over the course of the next few weeks, we tested the … Continue reading

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Our 725 cleaner is used in a foamer to great effect!

We got an email the other day where a customer of ours was telling us about the effectiveness of our 725 cleaner. But there was something a little different about this case as you can see in the photo above. … Continue reading

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Patrol Tactical show us how to properly lube a Glock Gen 4 pistol

Our friends over at Patrol Tactical have put together a very thorough video on how to lubricate a Glock Gen 4 pistol. And while they have said that they intend to make a video pertaining to the cleaning of the … Continue reading

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