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Lubing the Inside of the Barrel, Yes or No?

Just a heads up to our followers, Patrol Tactical has a number of very good videos that show how to field strip and lubricate a variety of different guns, and in our opinion, they are really quite good.  There is … Continue reading

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M240B gets put through its paces!

A M.Sgt shared this story with us, and we are glad to share it with you. Sirs, Recently, while conducting an M240B class and course of fire, I had a chance to give SLIP EWL a good workout. It is … Continue reading

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M16A1 Slip 2000 Lube Comparison

I finished running a rifle school last week using Slip 2000 EWL in half of the students weapons and Militec in the other half. I had two students not clean or lube the weapons for 1,000 rounds to compare the results. Weapons used … Continue reading

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Patrol Tactical show us how to properly lube a Glock Gen 4 pistol

Our friends over at Patrol Tactical have put together a very thorough video on how to lubricate a Glock Gen 4 pistol. And while they have said that they intend to make a video pertaining to the cleaning of the … Continue reading

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Folsom Prison Gas Gun cleaning demo

This Gas Gun had not been cleaned for over 50 rounds. You can see the carbon and plastic buildup in the barrel. Slip 2000 Carbon Killer has now made cleaning your 37mm and 40mm Gas Guns simple, easy and safe. Our … Continue reading

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