H.R. 127 – What You Need To Know.

H.R. 127 is a gun control mega-bill. The title of the bill is “To provide for the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession and the registration of firearms, and to prohibit the possession of certain ammunition.” The bill aims to create a registration system for gun owners, their firearms, and where they are stored. This system will create a database and that database will be made available to the public. [1] This essentially creates a list of where your guns are stored and where to find them.

In addition to the registration system, this bill will also mandate gun owners to go through a licensing process [2] which includes a background check, psychological evaluation, 24 hours of training (you pay for), and mandatory insurance. The “Fee” for the required insurance is $800 a year. To own what the bill calls a “Military-Style Weapon” an additional license is [3] required along with an additional 24 hours of training (you pay for). “Military-Style Weapons” are essentially defined as most semiautomatic rifles with a pistol grip, Most semiautomatic handguns with a magazine that extends below the grip, and many semiautomatic shotguns.

The bill also attempts to introduce a blanket “large capacity ammunition feeding device” ban. [4] This essentially would make it illegal to possess a magazine, drum or belt with a capacity of over 10 rounds in any caliber other than .22 rimfire. It will also bans .50 caliber ammunition or greater. If passed, this would make millions of law abiding Americans felons overnight.

The bill also attempts to introduce a blanket “large capacity ammunition feeding device” ban. [4] This essentially would make it illegal to possess a magazine, drum or belt with a capacity of over 10 rounds in any caliber other than .22 rimfire. It will also bans .50 caliber ammunition or greater. If passed, this would make millions of law abiding Americans felons overnight.

If passed, this bill would create a lot of hoops to jump through just for owning a firearm. An annual $800 liability insurance fee, psychological evaluation, and a 24 hour training course for a standard license. This will also make gun ownership nearly impossible for those who cannot afford to miss 3-6 workdays for the training, who cannot afford to pay for the training and who cannot afford to pay the $800 per year for insurance, in addition to the cost of the firearm itself.

This bill is ignoring the 2nd amendment’s right to keep and bear arms not being infringed. This is a bill that could have a huge impact on the gun industry as well as gun owners as a whole. The public availability of the database proposed in this bill raises issues with privacy and is essentially exposing gun owner’s information. This information could be used by criminals to target OR avoid gun owners, or by communities to discriminate against gun owning neighbors.

Please contact your state representatives and remind them who they work for and how they got into office. This bill is unacceptable and we need to let our elected officials know that we will not stand for it.

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After 6000 rounds I cleaned my gun with a paper towel.

The week before the 2018 World Speed Shooting Championships I put 6000 rounds through my pistol without any issues. I shot 1000 rounds a day and simply added a little EWL to my gun at the end of each day. At the end of the week I wiped my gun clean with a paper towel and a little Slip 2000 EWL. Yes, my gun was treated with Slip 2000 EWL before shooting, but that is actually the point. In the photos below you can see how, even after 6000 rounds, the carbon and grime is still wet, making it easier to clean. Then you begin to see why Slip 2000 is different.

If you would like to try this your self here is the simple process I follow when cleaning and lubricating my firearms with Slip 2000. This process begins when I acquire a new, or used gun.  I begin by stripping all of the oils and lubricants out of the metal with Slip 2000 725 Gun Cleaner / Degreaser. Next, I liberally apply Extreme Weapons Lube, or Extreme Weapons Grease to all metal parts of the gun (excluding areas that should not be lubricated such as firing pin or striker channels).  EWL will provide a barrier between the metal surfaces of the gun and the carbon and other debris that accumulates during the firing process. This makes the entire cleaning process much easier, and in most cases, the gun simply wipes clean with a paper towel.

When cleaning one of my guns that has already been treated with Slip 2000, the process is much quicker. I only use EWL to clean my gun (see photos below) when it had 6000 rounds through it. Again, it was teated with Slip 2000 prior to shooting. To clean it I start by wiping the interior of the slide clean with a paper towel or rag. If there are any stubborn areas that do not wipe clean, I use a nylon brush and a few drops of EWL to scrub the part. I prefer to use EWL when cleaning rather than a degreaser, so I am not stripping the EWL out of the metals that I initially used to treat the firearm. Once all of the easy to reach surfaces of the slide have been cleaned, I use a cotton swab to get into all of the hard to reach areas. Once the slide has been cleaned, I reapply a coat of EWL to the metal using my finger, or a cotton swab.

To clean the barrel of my guns, I start by dropping a few drops of EWL down the barrel. I follow that with a brass brush, and a barrel swab. Once the bore is clean, I wipe down the exterior of the barrel, and reapply a coat of EWL. After the barrel has been cleaned and lubricated, the gun is now ready to be put back together. Maintaining a constant film of EWL keeps the gun lubricated, and protected. It will also make future cleanings a breeze.

More shooting, less cleaning. This is why I love Slip 2000 EWL.

Anthony Spinelli
Competition Speed Shooter

After 6000 rounds my gun still functioned without issue.

Notice how the nasty carbon fouling is still wet and ready to be wiped off.

Even the fire control unit fouling is not baked into the metal and will be easily removed.

With minimum effort, some paper towels, some EWL and a little brushing with a nylon brush my slide looks like new.





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Shotgun Blast From the Past: Cleaning an Ithaca Model 37 with 725 cleaner


The Ithaca Model 37 was one of the most popular pump action shotguns in the United States for a long time. And as a result the gun has a lot of history behind it. The longest production run of any pump action shotgun is just the start. It has served in many wars, and was popular with the police too. So it’s no coincidence that many of these guns have a good story that goes along with them. This one in particular, belonged to my grandpa.img_0768-1024x683

My grandfather bought this shotgun to help at work 70 years ago. He worked on a rice farm, and ducks would eat the newly planted rice. Because of this, it was common practice to fire a gun over the water to scare them away. My grandpa Carl got his hands on this gun for just that purpose. Only, there is a strange part to this story that you may not expect. When he bought this gun, he was only twelve years old. That’s right twelve. This doesn’t sound like all that big of a deal, plenty of parents have gotten their kids guns, but the details are what make this… interesting. He not only bought it when he was twelve, but he did this alone, with no ID. Wow, times have really changed haven’t they? Just wait it gets better. He actually walked across the street after school to pick the gun up, then walked back to the school with the gun and ammo. Then he proceeded to ride the school bus back home with the gun… Nobody batted an eye. Today they would call the cops! Getting a new gun sure isn’t that easy anymore. Continue reading

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National Champion Competition Shooter Anthony Spinelli’s Loves Slip 2000

National champion competition shooter Anthony Spinelli loves Slip 2000!19594_10153247390362422_8379073598219980566_n

As a competitive shooter, my guns see some pretty high round counts, and take a lot of abuse. It’s not uncommon for my guns to reach 5,000 rounds between cleanings on a regular basis. When looking for a gun oil, I need a lubricant that isn’t going to burn off and dry up after a few hundred rounds.


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Looking back: Slip 2000 visits the Texas Firearms Festival


We here at Slip 2000 took a trip out to Liberty Hill Texas recently to visit the Texas Firearms Festival. It was an amazing “try before you buy” event that a multitude of firearms manufacturers, and it was a blast.

The first day was “Full Auto Friday” which as the name implies, had all of the manufacturers showcasing their automatic weapons.img_0160 Continue reading

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G&G Guns tested Slip 2000 products, here’s what they thought.


Slip 2000
Cleaning Products

We were sent a collection of Slip2000 cleaning products about a month or so ago, including; EWL (Extreme weapons lubricant) and the Extreme Weapons Degreaser. Over the course of the next few weeks, we tested the product on a multitude of different firearms. As a gun store, we provide cleaning services to our customers and have certainly seen our fair share of “Lost causes” come through the door.

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Our 725 cleaner is used in a foamer to great effect!


We got an email the other day where a customer of ours was telling us about the effectiveness of our 725 cleaner. But there was something a little different about this case as you can see in the photo above.

DSC02280 DSC02281

Here’s what he shared with us: Continue reading

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Smooth As Silk: Press

smooth as silk pic 1Caring for an autoloading shotgun can be an arduous, crud-busting chore to bring a neglected shotgun back into reliable service. Or you can keep your semi-automatic ticking like a fine timepiece with regular attention to maintenance, cleaning and lubricating its moving parts on a timely schedule to avoid even the merest hiccup. The choice is yours. Either way, for troublefree operation, autoloaders live and die by proper maintenance. While when you do it is up to you, how you do it is key to enjoying a slick-operating self-loader, whether gas or recoil operated, the next time you head to the sporting course or woodlands, uplands, or wetlands. Gas-operated autoloading shotguns have become very popular in the shotgun sports. Continue reading

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Lubing the Inside of the Barrel, Yes or No?

Just a heads up to our followers,

Patrol Tactical has a number of very good videos that show how to field strip and lubricate a variety of different guns, and in our opinion, they are really quite good. 

There is something that they don’t cover in their videos, which is not talked about much on many forums and that is lube in the barrel.

I know I know, a lot of people out there are going to say, “but oil just burns off”  and yes it burns at about 200-250 degrees, “So it does nothing for you except build up as a carbon deposit!” And we’ve heard it. However, Slip 2000 is a very curious product. Our lubricant has a much higher flash point than petroleum based products, due to the fact that our Gun Lube and EWL are fully synthetic. It doesn’t burn until over a thousand degrees Fahrenheit! That means that it stays in the barrel a lot better than traditional lubrication.

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M240B gets put through its paces!


A M.Sgt shared this story with us, and we are glad to share it with you.


Recently, while conducting an M240B class and course of fire, I had a chance to give SLIP EWL a good workout.

It is the only lube I use on my duty handguns, shotguns and carbines so I only thought it appropriate to run it on the MG’s. Normally, with the “legacy” issue lubricant, we re-lube the gun multiple times throughout the day out of necessity.  As I expected, this was not the case with SLIP EWL.

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