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Slip 2000™ Penetrating Lubricant, Cleaner, Preservative
(This product earned top scores in reader testing)

Slip 2000™ gun care products are formulated specifically for automatic, rapid-fire and repetitive shooting firearms, shotguns, rifles and pistols. No more digging/scraping or fighting with special tools and expensive toxic cleaners! Slip 2000™ makes clean up a breeze. Read the results from our Quail Unlimited/Dove Sportsman’s Society field testers.

Rick Thompson, Thomas, Oklahoma, wrote to us and said “I used this on my turkey gun this past season, and it seemed to cycle faster and was cleaner. Did not have the dust and grit that oil attracts.”

Dan Collins, II, Aurora, Colorado, reported, “I used Slip 2000™ on my over and under. It worked! Slip 2000™ made cleaning my barrels easier. The barrels did not need to be scrubbed. I just wiped them down with Slip 2000™ . This is after 200 rounds of sporting clays. I’m trying SLIP 2000 on my shotshell reloader and on the sunroof track of my daughter’s car. It does not attract dirt.”

John Jackson, Quail Unlimited Field Tester said, “I used some on my glass door roller, my 1100 and 308, and it worked really well.”

Bruce Yockey, Sacramento, California, said, “Based on my testing and use of this product, I recommend it highly. It is a first-rate product which performs as well or better than the manufacturer claims.”

Cleans-Slip 2000™ with its unique formulation helps in the removal of plastic wad fouling, and cuts under and helps flush away trapped dirt, grit and grime. SLIP 2000™ will cut through built-up carbon, copper and lead. After your first complete cleaning with SLIP 2000 , you will see an amazing difference in the time and ease of your next cleaning. After you have used Slip 2000™ to clean and lubricate all moving parts including the chokes in a shotgun, wad fouling is removed very easily with your normal cleaning.

Lubricates-Slip 2000™ with its unique formulation penetrates into areas that oils do not go. This allows it to replenish the lubricant that has been lost during operation and provides a long-lasting protective coating that reduces friction to a minimum and almost stops metal-to-metal wear. All parts work smoother and last longer.

Protects-Slip 2000™ with its unique formulation provides a long-lasting barrier on all metal parts and does not attract dirt or other abrasive contaminants. It Displaces moisture, and is on the market today! We have done this without adding any oils, petroleum distillates or harmful PTFE type ingredients. Slip 2000™ was developed with health, safety and the environment in mind.

Shotgun users will see increased pattern consistency, decreased recoil and build-up of wad fouling, and decreased malfunctions or jamming. Automatic and rapid firearm users will see increased bolt action, increased muzzle velocity, decreased recoil, friction, heat and wear, and decreased malfunctions and/or jamming.

Quail Unlimited and Dove Sportsman’s Society field testers did not just use it on their guns. Here are other uses that the field testers found for this product: lawn mower blades, bike chains, winches, bows, generator, sunroof, hinges, scale and traps.

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