SLIP 2000 Gun Cleaners and Lubricants
SPS Marketing has introduced a line of gun cleaners and lubricants that are non-toxic and safe for the environment. Recently, The Police Marksman received an assortment of these products for testing and evaluation. Designed to clean pistols, rifles, shotguns, and black powder guns, “725” Gun Cleaner and Degreaser is packaged in spray cans and pump-type spray bottles. SLIP 2000 is a gun lubricant and rust preventative, packaged in spray cans, pump-type spray bottles, and in gallon bottles. SLIP 2000 Gas Piston Parts and Choke Tube Cleaner comes in a 16 oz. tub with hooks for immersing parts, a pistol cleaning kit, and larger sizes.

Testing and Evaluation
Two firearms seemed to be good candidates for testing these products, a Ruger Mini-14 with over 1,000 rounds through it without cleaning, and a Heckler & Koch P7. Both firearms use gas pistons for their operation. After field-stripping the guns, I used the gas piston cleaner to clean the parts. The Ruger’s bolt was small enough to immerse, but Q-Tip cotton swabs and conventional patches were necessary to clean the P7 and the larger Ruger parts. A toothbrush was necessary to clean the P7’s gas piston. As the P7 has a fluted chamber, it was advisable to use the gas piston cleaner to remove deposits.

The gas piston cleaner worked very well, without the need for heavy scrubbing. Cleaning the barrels with the 725 Gun Cleaner (applied with a cleaning rod and patches) finished the job. The instructions advise using SLIP Gun Lube as the coat of lubrication to be reapplied. All products had very mild odors, unlike the irritating odors of some petroleum-based products. Deposits on the hands (from handling the parts) rinsed off with simple washing with liquid hand soap and water. This is truly unusual, because petroleum-based cleaners often leave a deposit on the hands that is hard to remove without using Lava soap or a scrubbing compound and a hand brush.

725 Gun Cleaner is advertised not to harm wood or plastic finishes, all claims were true, there were no marks left on the stock of the Ruger and the P7’s plastic grips were also unmarred. SLIP 2000 Gun Lube doubles as a gun cleaner, which is very convenient for an officer who wants a small package that will clean and lubricate his firearm out on the range. The small one oz. bottle fits neatly into a shooting box, and larger sizes are available if necessary.

With their mild and pleasant odors, quick efficiency in cleaning, and non-toxic features, these products performed even better than advertised. The variety of packages fills the needs of many shooters, including large and small bottles and cans, and even a small one oz. flip top bottle of SLIP 2000 Gun Lube that fits easily into a shooting kit.

This line is unequivocally the best non-toxic and environmentally safe cleaners and lubricants tested by this author. They’re definitely a good choice for officers, firearm trainers, and departmental armorers.

by Tony Lesce

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