Patrol Tactical show us how to properly lube a Glock Gen 4 pistol

gunlube and ewl 2Our friends over at Patrol Tactical have put together a very thorough video on how to lubricate a Glock Gen 4 pistol. And while they have said that they intend to make a video pertaining to the cleaning of the Glock as well, we know that there is an extremely pressing issue in regard to cleaning this type of weapon. “Are your products safe to use on polymer frames?” Continue reading

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Folsom Prison Gas Gun cleaning demo


This Gas Gun had not been cleaned for over 50 rounds. You can see the carbon and plastic buildup in the barrel. Slip 2000 Carbon Killer has now made cleaning your 37mm and 40mm Gas Guns simple, easy and safe. Our cleaning system is designed to remove the worst carbon and plastic buildups and reduce the time you spend cleaning and maintaining your weapons. Continue reading

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Suppressors WERE hard to clean.


Here is a prime example of why I love the slip 2000 and proof it works. This picture is a before and after cleaning on a silencer baffle. I have over 500 rounds of 22lr fired thru this suppressor and last night I had to pound the baffles out with a hammer and I couldn’t scrape the carbon off with a knife, so I soaked it over night in the carbon killer, and the carbon build up pretty much wipes off making the baffle look brand new again. The picture doesn’t even do any justice, but it made the baffle a shinny stainless again. Never thought it was possible.



Ethan Fonder
Double Drop Gun Shop
Badger SD

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David B. Smith from Precision-Engineered Performance


I just wanted to take a moment to relate my absolute satisfaction with all of the Slip2000 products I have had the pleasure of trying to date.

Your Carbon Killer has taken the drudgery out of cleaning all of my development guns, especially the Continue reading

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Independence Training Uses Slip 2000

We train no matter what the weather conditions are, and at one particularly snowy handgun course the hazards of poor maintenance became apparent to some of our students. The temps had dropped below freezing and some of the liquid lubes and grease lubes began to stop up the guns.

Continue reading

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After a successful year of testing, evaluations, and usage, the US Marine Corps has expanded their contract with Slip 2000. They have recently installed 6 additional Slip 2000 Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems and will be adding 6 more in the next 30 days, with more to come. The sole source contract specifies that only Slip 2000 Equipment, Slip 2000 Lubricants and Slip 2000 Cleaners can be used.

The heated dual tank Ultrasonic Cleaning System allows multiple guns to be cleaned and lubricated quickly. One tank uses ultrasonic technology to clean a group of guns while the other tank simultaneously provides a lubricant and corrosion treatment to another group.

Continue reading

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Colt 6940 with 15,000+ Rounds

The Colt 6940 now has 15,000+ rds downrange, and the only issue so far surfaced here on T1 when an over enthusiastic “PUSH” resulted in a PMAG over traveling the mag catch.

This gun has not been cleaned, and has only been lubed with Slip 2000 EWL.

Pat Rogers

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1/69 Infantry Thanks SLIP 2000

The “Fighting 69th” 1/69 Infantry NY National

Just wanted to send a quick update. Our rotation is coming to an end. Thanks to the SLIP products and regular maintenance we have not experienced a weapons malfunction. We really appreciate your help and support. Attached is a photo of some of our unit taken in front of our FOB. The green flag is our unit flag – 1/69 Infantry.

Continue reading

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EWL vs CLP Testing – Greg Sullivan Comments

To help add to this lubrication test, I personally built the SLR15 Rifles for this study and they were built not within our norm, as I built the rifles totally lubricant free and there was no break in or stress testing. The barrels had been antiseized upon mounting, but all parts were sent out completely dry and free from all oils, grease and lubricants. We usually do a lubrication, break in of 100rds and destressing, then clean and relubricate all parts before sending rifles out,  Continue reading

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Side by Side Review of Slip 2000 EWL and CLP

Pat Rogers’ Side by Side Review of Slip 2000 EWL and CLP

About 18 Months ago Greg Conner (Slip 2000) asked me to do a side by side of EWL with CLP. Greg Sullivan (Defensive Edge) provided two of his SLR15 carbines so we would have a standard by which to compare the lubes.

We started out with bone dry new guns then lubricated them properly. We handed the guns out to students at class and ran them through 4 classes. Continue reading

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