Lubing the Inside of the Barrel, Yes or No?

Just a heads up to our followers,

Patrol Tactical has a number of very good videos that show how to field strip and lubricate a variety of different guns, and in our opinion, they are really quite good. 

There is something that they don’t cover in their videos, which is not talked about much on many forums and that is lube in the barrel.

I know I know, a lot of people out there are going to say, “but oil just burns off”  and yes it burns at about 200-250 degrees, “So it does nothing for you except build up as a carbon deposit!” And we’ve heard it. However, Slip 2000 is a very curious product. Our lubricant has a much higher flash point than petroleum based products, due to the fact that our Gun Lube and EWL are fully synthetic. It doesn’t burn until over a thousand degrees Fahrenheit! That means that it stays in the barrel a lot better than traditional lubrication.

And this comes from years of experience with the bench rest shooters, Swat Teams and snipers telling us our product in the barrel does not change or affect their Zero.

The next thing you might say is “Ok, it stays there, but why put it in there in the first place?” Well the reason why is where Slip 2000 really shines. Our Gun Lube has the ability to penetrate into the micro fractures and pores in the steel of a gun. This penetration creates a barrier over the barrel’s surface, which prevents carbon and other fouling from sticking to the inside of the bore. Do you know how a cast iron frying pan works? Yosidways gunlubeu have to put oil in it first, and it gets absorbed into the surface layer of the metal. It’s called seasoning the pan, and that layer prevents the eggs and bacon from sticking. Well it’s the same exact concept with our Gun Lube. The layer of lubricant stops plastic wad, carbon, lead, and copper fouling from being able to stick easily.

This means two things. The first is that it takes much less time clean. And the second is that the more you clean with Slip 2000’s EWL or Gun Lube, the easier it becomes to clean. Which is exactly what I want, more shooting, and less cleaning!


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