EWL vs CLP Testing – Greg Sullivan Comments

To help add to this lubrication test, I personally built the SLR15 Rifles for this study and they were built not within our norm, as I built the rifles totally lubricant free and there was no break in or stress testing. The barrels had been antiseized upon mounting, but all parts were sent out completely dry and free from all oils, grease and lubricants. We usually do a lubrication, break in of 100rds and destressing, then clean and relubricate all parts before sending rifles out, so this test shows true insight of wear and corrosion issues that may arise with CLP versus Slip2000.

We have been using Slip2000 products for a guess of 9+years. Greg Conner will tell you that I was a hard sell, Greg took some rifles that we had been running on a range at a rifle conference, these guns were very dirty as they had just come off the range, he put the bolts and piston rods from them into a jar of Carbon Killer/Cutter, and sprayed a few other parts with 725-Degreaser/Cleaner, after about 10-minutes of conversation he pulled the parts out and wiped them clean, I was hooked.

In 2003 I was at the STI/American Handgunner Championship, and got to spend a day with Rob Latham doing nothing but shooting. I fired a guess of 1500+ rounds through a out of the box Glock-34 that was lubed with Slip2000 lube. It was 117 degrees in the desert heat, the gun was so hot I could barely grasp it long enough to rack the slide without burning my hands. But the gun didn’t miss a beat all day, at the end of the day the gun was still wet as the Slip2000 did not burn off. When I got back to MN we ran a test on a Beretta-92 that we lubed with CLP, of which would malfunction around 200-250rds consistently as the lubricant would burn off. We ran the same pistol on Slip2000 lube and at 3850rds we had to stop due to lack of ammo left at the range. The gun ran flawlessly and the Slip2000 lube was still wet.

We have been using Slip2000 lube and cleaners for many years in our armorer courses. We send out a bottle of Slip2000 EWL with every SLR15 rifle that we sell. This winter I was out in -21 degress and had the chance to shoot several SLR15 rifles, Glock-17 & 21, 9mm MP5, Remington 870 and Benelli M190, all had been lubed with Slip2000 EWL, all the weapons ran flawlessly. I was hoping to get a colder range day but missed it while I was basking in the summer like weather in Orlando at ShotShow.

I have found the Slip2000 lube and EWL to be great at corrosion protection, as our weapons here in the cold get a workout going from warm squad cars to outside in subzero conditions. The guns sweat and will rust rather quickly if not treated well, and the Slip2000 products are good to go as I haven’t had any weapons rust after switching to Slip2000 lubes. Slip2000 products are highly recommended by me personally and all of our staff, great stuff!!!

Greg Sullivan “Sully”
SLR15 Rifles

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